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PureFize technology powers EcoLoc in the fight against global food waste

Swedish-based PureFize Technologies partners with foodtech firm EcoLoc to tackle global food waste. The collaboration heralds a new kitchen product designed to extend food shelf life by up to 300%, fitting seamlessly with IKEA’s food containers.

Swedish innovator, PureFize Technologies, has leveraged its unique UV platform to purify water and prevent infectious diseases. Now, this UV technology is stepping into the realm of food preservation, aimed at reducing global food waste. This initiative comes to light as EcoLoc, a foodtech enterprise, launches a novel kitchen product tailored for IKEA's food containers, promising to extend the shelf life of food by up to 300%.

The CEO of PureFize, Rune Torbjörnsen, elaborates on the technology's efficacy stating, “Our broader UV spectrum technology achieves up to a 99.999999% reduction of microorganisms, a major factor in food decomposition, as per external studies. This collaboration with EcoLoc not only targets food waste reduction at the consumer level but also propels our platform onto a global stage."

The joint effort between PureFize and EcoLoc is set to unveil on International Food Waste Day, September 29, aligning with the global mission of halving food waste by 2030. With rising food prices, this innovation is not only a stride towards environmental sustainability but also a relief to household budgets.