Sterilizing MedTech equipment

PureFize® – a complement to autoclaving sensitive equipment

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Sterilization is key in medical applications. To date, this is best done through steam sterilization (autoclaving), which assures that no living organisms remain. However, steam sterilization can be time-consuming and does not suit all materials. Autoclaves run at high temperatures, and some materials, such as plastics, can melt or be damaged during the process.

PureFize® broadband UV technology can be a great complement to autoclaving in the laboratory, medical and healthcare settings since it allows for log8 microbial inactivation without generating much heat. The industry standard Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) for most devices distributed in Europe and the US is log6, which means that items irradiated with PureFize are to be considered sterile.

PureFize is particularly suitable for items sensitive to moisture and heat, such as biodegradable items, and liquids. It works instantly with very low energy consumption, which makes it interesting from a cost point of view.

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