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PureFize® presents a reliable solution for maintaining the freshness of perishable items for an extended period. By leveraging its comprehensive UV spectrum, PureFize effectively eliminates the growth of germs, molds, and spores, contributing to the preservation of various food products.

Reducing food waste is paramount for many reasons. At the household level, minimizing food wastage translates to significant cost savings, allowing individuals and families to allocate resources more efficiently. On a larger scale, tackling food waste contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the unnecessary consumption of resources like water, land, and energy while also curbing greenhouse gas emissions. Addressing this issue is also a crucial step towards combatting global hunger, as the food discarded in some regions could help nourish those in need elsewhere.

Enhance product value

At PureFize, our aim is simple: We want to help people reduce waste at home and save money. We see a big demand for this kind of initiative, and our broadband UV platform is a powerful tool to create new products that teach people to be smarter with their food and their finances.

We have tested PureFize thoroughly, and it's easy to use, convenient and doesn't require a big investment or risk. It's a great way to start making a difference, offering convenience and results at a price that's affordable for everyone. We're also giving a business opportunity to companies who want to join us – a proven chance with low investment and risk. With PureFize, you can introduce your own branded and designed products to the market, meeting a demand that's already there.

Introducing a product that cuts down on food waste and supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) is also a strong way to show your company’s commitment to being eco-friendly.

Seamless integration of PureFize

PureFize presents a comprehensive technological platform that seamlessly merges hardware, software, and various services. It can easily be integrated into any kind of food storage container. Our goal is to assist you in crafting a product that's not only effective but also secure and dependable, meeting all requisite market standards. Your creative concepts are valuable to us - share them, and we'll gladly collaborate to devise an optimal solution tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Contact us at

Explore the PureFize Food Lab

Learn how the PureFize Food Lab, led by Dr. Fernando Mendoza, is working to improve food safety, quality, and preservation. Discover our unique research on optimizing UV irradiation and storage conditions to enhance the quality and shelf life of various food items.

Inside the EcoLoc™ food-saving solution

PureFize is already a part of a smart food-saving solution created by the Swedish company EcoLoc. EcoLoc has combined a device with PureFize functionality and lids specially made to fit IKEA’s 365+ food containers.

You can easily include PureFize benefits in your own product line. By offering lids or containers with PureFize, you can reach more customers and tap into the growing interest in better ways to store food.

For additional information on the EcoLoc food-saving solution, please visit

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