A healthier planet for healthier people

Let’s improve the world by reducing infectious diseases, water scarcity, and food waste.

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PureFize Technologies is a science-based Swedish company that develops and manufactures a unique UV platform that can be used for hygiene improvement, disinfection, and performance enhancement. We offer a complete, ready-to-use, scalable platform and comprehensive design services to help you maximize the benefits of our technology.

Helping solve major global problems

We firmly believe that our technology has the potential to help solve some of the major global problems.

By contributing to better hygiene, the PureFize platform reduces the risk of spreading infectious diseases, a continuous and increasing threat to human health and welfare.

By prolonging the shelf life of fresh food products, our technology helps reduce food waste and, thereby, the resources used in food production.

PureFize can also help address the global drinking water shortage as it presents a highly effective disinfecting method to produce high-quality drinking water.

A science-based company

PureFize Technologies was initially founded to innovate new technologies within lighting and with sustainability in mind to carter for a better future. With a substantial patent portfolio covering more than 150 approved and pending patents, we have since 2015 entirely focused on improving hygiene and our UV technology platform called PureFize®.

We take a sane approach to making people and the planet healthier

At PureFize Technologies, certain values are important to us. Therefore, we always keep the following close to our hearts in everything we do.

Safe & effective

We only develop effective and safe solutions that help protect people from harmful exposure to bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

People & planet

We genuinely want people and our planet to become healthier. Therefore, we innovate with sustainability in mind to improve people's quality of life and the state of the earth.

Transparency & joined forces

We believe in collaboration. We are experts in our field, and our customers are world leaders or skilled disrupters of their businesses. It is when we work together that we achieve the best results. That’s why we believe in transparency and close collaboration with our partners.

What can PureFize do for you?

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