The benefits of PureFize®

PureFize® is a broadband UV technology that enables fast, effective and permanent germ reduction. It can be used to clean, disinfect, or sanitize any environment to safeguard human health and extend the shelf life of food products.

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Spot why hygiene matters

Improve hygiene anywhere

Better hygiene means improved health and better quality of life. It means removing germs that can cause disease without necessarily making an object or an area absolutely sterile. With PureFize keeping things hygienic is easy. 

Provide high-level disinfection

High-level disinfection is essential in certain application areas, such as healthcare environments, MedTech, and drinking water. PureFize can create a very high germicidal effect, reaching up to log 8 germicidal reduction, which means it destroys 99.999999% of all microbes.

Spot effective high level disinfection
Spot performance enhancement

Performance enhancement

PureFize enhances performance across a wide range of applications – from removing microorganisms in mechanical processes to prolonging foodstuff's shelf life and nutritional value.

What can PureFize do for you?

Let’s find out how you can use PureFize to add value to your product.