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Promote better hygiene to reduce the impact on society and the burden on the children’s families.

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Any time you have a large group of kids, you have germs. Children inevitably rub drippy noses, cough, sneeze, and put toys in their mouths, picking up and transferring any number of common “daycare diseases.” In fact, in most research on germy places, kindergartens, preschools, and daycare centers are topping the charts. But you can do plenty to help your kids and staff stay healthier.

To reduce the risk of disease in preschool settings, every facility should meet specific criteria that promote good hygiene. Keep in mind that even surfaces that look clean may harbor large amounts of viruses and bacteria. Frequent hand washing is key, and standard cleaning methods are a good start, but research proves that cleaning is not enough and does not remove germs in places where they are frequently present in high numbers. Regular sanitizing and disinfecting should therefore be an essential part of every childcare center’s routine.

Maintaining hygiene in daycare

The number of children who attend preschool is increasing every year. You don’t have to be a mathematician to realize that daycare centers can be a significant source of infection. Most of us who have children know that every new semester brings a fresh load of colds and flues. Good routines, starting with washing hands, must be implemented and followed to limit the spread of disease within the preschool and among the families and friends of children and staff.

PureFize® protects surfaces, food, air, and liquids from potential hazards. It can discreetly be integrated in many ways to effectively remove all kinds of germs in large numbers, wherever they are present. The unique light spectrum provided by PureFize will rapidly reduce microorganism levels or remove all bacteria, viruses, and other germs. If you want to know more about where, how, and when contact us at

Challenges for daycare

Dr. Charles P Gerba, Professor at the Colleges of Public Health and Agriculture, University of Arizona, summarizes challenges for daycare in his TED Talks presentation “Hygiene in the 21st Century”.


Fighting daycare germs

Learn about germ hotspots in daycare and what you can do to ensure a healthy and inspiring environment.

UV hygiene – a remarkable tool for safer childcare

PureFize is an effective way to remove unwanted germs. We have spent several years developing this technology and studying its effects on microorganisms. If you want us to help you to create a safe, more hygienic, and happier childcare environment, contact us at

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