A complete platform to solve your challenge

New Ocean II driver platform sets a new standard for versatility

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Scientifically proven in multiple studies

PureFize® proven by several independent bodies

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The perfect UV broadband spectrum

PureFize® delivers superior germicidal efficacy per mW compared with LED

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Broadband spectrum destroys germs beyond repair

PureFize® wavelength spectrum means unmatched levels of disinfection

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Temperature is never an issue

PureFize® is temperature-independent and can reliably disinfect in temperatures ranging from -20 to +120°C

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Fast and effective UV disinfection


Unique germicidal effect

PureFize® is a broadband UV technology that hits germs with a wider and more effective UV light spectrum. This means you can reliably get rid of bacteria, viruses and other germs. It can be used on surfaces, on foods, in liquids and air. PureFize is not affected by heat or changing temperatures. In fact, it requires no cooling to perform fully. As a modern technology, PureFize is non-toxic; it is completely mercury-free and developed with sustainability in mind to minimize impact on people and the planet.

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Perfect germicidal spectrum

PureFize creates a unique UV light broadband spectrum that peaks at 262 nm* (+/- 2 nm), which is when germs best absorb UV light. The spectrum is also broad enough to ensure that all bacteria, viruses and germs are destroyed beyond repair and eliminate any regrowth, or so-called tailing.

* Kowalski, W. "Ultraviolet Germicidal Handbook. UVGI for Air and Surface Disinfection." Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2009, p.17

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Germicidal power, indifferent to circumstances

As you may now UVC LEDs are sensitive to heat. They generate a lot of heat making them loose intensity unless cooled or applied in a cooling way. PureFize maintains full intensity regardless whether the temperature is -30ºC or +120ºC. This makes PureFize easy to apply – no heat sink to consider, no additional cooling space. Performance simple and secured.

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A complete platform, not a component

Germicidal light is different from ordinary light in many ways and requires a degree of technological competence to deliver desired outcomes. PureFize is a complete platform with a wide versatility to integrate its functionality into different applications. You can even have applications that are solar-driven or battery-powered along with the regular fixed power supply. PureFize comes to you as a complete package; no additional components are needed.

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Key areas of usage


Hygiene improvement

Germs play an important role in our physical maintenance and health. We need germs to colonize the body and establish a normal microbial flora, and to build up a healthy immune system.

This is one reason why we at LightLab sometimes do not strive to create a completely sterile environment, but instead aim to reduce pathogens* only in areas where they can be present in high numbers and thereby pose a health risk.

*A pathogen is a microorganism that causes disease.

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High level disinfection

In many of our ongoing customer projects, a highly disinfected outcome is crucial. PureFize broadband UV spectrum can achieve exceptionally high levels of disinfection. In addition, thanks to the field emission technology, PureFize has the ability to be in proximity of the item to be disinfected without any risk of overheating. This proximity enables PureFize to have a unique ability to rapidly reach a high level of disinfection (log8=99.999999%), irrespective of the ambient temperature.

Moreover, the PureFize broadband spectrum also destroys germs beyond repair. This can, in some cases, be relevant as bacteria possess the ability to repair themselves and start to regrow. Uniquely, PureFize minimizes that risk of regrowth.

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Performance enhancement

Customers around the world are utilizing the unique properties of PureFize to enhance performance in a wide range of different applications – from removing microorganisms in mechanical processes or making tap water drinkable to prolonging the shelf life and nutritional values of foodstuff.

PureFize effectively eradicates growth of germs, molds and spores thanks to its wide spectrum of efficacy. This improves performance significantly.

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