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Swedish UV light aims to reduce global food waste

The Swedish company PureFize Technologies has developed a unique UV platform that can, among other things, purify water and prevent infectious diseases. Now, their technology is being used to tackle global food waste. This comes as the foodtech company EcoLoc launches a new kitchen product that can extend the shelf life of food by up to 300 percent, designed to fit IKEA's food containers.

The Swedish company PureFize Technologies AB has crafted a unique and patented UV platform where a broad spectrum of UV light can reduce or eliminate microorganisms, thereby purifying water and preventing infectious diseases. Additionally, the light can prolong the shelf life of food.

“Microorganisms are a strong contributing factor to food decomposition. Our technology, with a broader UV spectrum than other types of UV light, achieves up to 99.999999 percent reduction of microorganisms according to external studies. We believe we can reduce even more but have not tested it yet,” says Rune Torbjörnsen, CEO of PureFize.

Food waste is a global issue, and one of the UN's global goals is to halve food waste by 2030. Now, PureFize aims to contribute to reducing food waste. This is achieved as the foodtech company EcoLoc launches a new kitchen product with PureFize technology inside. The kitchen product with the built-in UV technology is integrated into a lid that fits on IKEA's food containers in the 365+ series, and through the lid, the food is illuminated with the bacteria-killing light.

“EcoLoc's product can counteract food waste at the consumer level and thus creates a basis for PureFize to quickly get its platform out into the world. To further reduce food waste, we also have ongoing development collaborations with home appliance companies,” says Rune Torbjörnsen.

PureFize UV light, encompassing a unique spectrum of UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C, can extend the shelf life of food by up to 300 percent. EcoLoc is targeting consumers directly with its kitchen product that is being launched in Europe on International Food Waste Day, September 29.

Every year, households discard 70 kilograms of food per person, according to figures from Eurostat. With the rising food prices over the past year, a household of four people can save over 4,000 SEK (351 Euro) each year by using EcoLoc.

”Today, many have concerns over the higher food prices, and with EcoLoc, one can prolong the shelf life of the types of food we discard the most. It is bread, fruits, and vegetables that can now have up to 300 percent longer shelf life by illuminating the food for three minutes,” says Johan Tingsborg, at EcoLoc.
EcoLoc is launched on International Food Waste Day, the 29th of September.

Facts about food waste

  • Food waste refers to food that has been produced with the intention of being eaten, but for various reasons, is not consumed. Food waste occurs throughout the food supply chain, with the largest portion (53 percent according to Eurostat) arising in households.
  • Food waste accounts for 8 percent of total global CO2 emissions and reducing food waste worldwide significantly contributes to combating climate change. Therefore, the UN has set a goal in the Agenda 2030 to halve global food waste per person at the retail and consumer levels.
  • If there were no food waste in the world, an additional three billion people would be spared from hunger.
  • September 29th is International Food Waste Day, a day established by the UN to highlight the problem of food waste.

Facts about EcoLoc

  • EcoLoc is a kitchen product with a corresponding lid that fits IKEA's food containers in the 365+ series.
  • The product utilizes PureFize's unique UV technology and can illuminate the food through the customized lid, which otherwise does not allow UV light to pass through.
  • By illuminating the food in the container with the bacteria-killing light, the shelf life can be extended by up to 300 percent. As always, the extended shelf life depends on how the food has been handled and the condition it's in when placed in the container, just like in the refrigerator.
  • EcoLoc will be sold in Europe starting from September 29.
  • A household of four people can save over 4,000 SEK (351 Euro) each year by using EcoLoc.

About PureFize

PureFize Technologies is a science-based company located in Uppsala, which, with its patented broad-spectrum UV technology, can purify water, prevent infectious diseases, and extend the shelf life of food, thereby reducing food waste.

About EcoLoc

EcoLoc is a Swedish company that utilizes PureFize technology with bacteria-killing light in its new kitchen product, EcoLoc. EcoLoc is a simple and safe food-saving solution that keeps vegetables, fruits, bread, and leftovers fresh for a longer time. By extending the shelf life of these foods, EcoLoc helps households reduce their food waste and save money.