The benefits of PureFize®

PureFize® is a complete broadband UV technology platform. Combining hardware, software, and a range of services, we help you develop an effective, safe, and reliable product that meets all necessary market requirements.

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PureFize can be used to improve hygiene or disinfect all kinds of surfaces (including food), liquids, and air. The PureFize platform is highly scalable, with many opportunities for customization. When you choose PureFize, you don’t only select a UV light source. Instead, you get a total solution – with support from design to delivery of a complete platform. You choose how much assistance you need.

Purefize business model

UV Chip

Hardware and software

The PureFize platform contains light sources (UV chips) and drivers, facilitating integration. Based on your capabilities and customization needs, you can get additional electrical and mechanical components, intelligence, and user interaction. For more information, follow the links below.

From idea all the way to the market

PureFize can easily be integrated into any design, and we’ll be glad to help you determine the right configuration depending on your specific needs. We have a wide range of services within design and development to help you. After having agreed on the challenge to overcome, we usually start with producing a concept proposal, including design sketches that show how different possible integrations of PureFize might be done. Once we find how our customers want to proceed, we jointly formulate a requirement specification that clearly states how the product should work.

The next step involves Disinfection Design Simulation (DDS). This unique simulation service saves time and money in development as it determines what UV dose is necessary to get the desired germicidal effect, the cycle duration, how many light sources are needed, and their optimal placement.

Prototyping with smart technology

Once we have decided on the optimal solution, we can build a prototype with inbuilt intelligence and user interaction. For example, there may be a button to start the purification process, lights indicating that the process is running or completed, sensors that can stop the process if they detect a problem, etc. A prototype like this can easily be showcased for internal or external stakeholders and help you gather feedback and additional thoughts and ideas.

Development kits

Are you interested in trying out our technology? We offer a development kit allowing you to validate PureFize in your product. The kit contains PureFize UV chips and the PureFize driver called Ocean.

Development kits

What can PureFize do for you?

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