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Maintaining good hygiene increases productivity and well-being while reducing sick-leave and hygiene worries.

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Did you know that in the UK, minor illnesses such as coughs and colds, sickness, and diarrhea, comprise more than 25% of all sickness absences from work? It is no coincidence that working from how was one of the first actions taken by the authorities once the Corona pandemic started.

Viruses (e.g., COVID-19) spread from person to person through tiny droplets expelled by coughing, sneezing, or speaking. Viruses can survive on surfaces from a few hours to several days. They spread by air or when we touch infected surfaces and can be transmitted if we touch our noses, eyes, or mouths, which we do, and often. This means that we need to focus not only on people themselves but also on the surfaces we frequently use at work. Since the introduction of co-working, where we share desktops, this has become even more important.

Germ hot spots in the office

The workplace environment has many touchpoints which can be a source of contamination. Desks, keyboards, mouses, and pens are natural germ havens. Shared spaces such as conference rooms, diners, or kitchens also attract germs. Many employees touch and use many of the items found there, putting them at high risk for spreading bacteria and viruses.

How a clean office boosts staff happiness and productivity

A clean and welcoming workplace

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PureFize – the right light

We can help you to create a more hygienic and welcoming workplace. PureFize is ideal for keeping surfaces, food, air, and liquids clean and free from potential hazards. It can be integrated in many ways to effectively remove germs in large numbers, wherever they are present. The unique light spectrum provided by PureFize will rapidly reduce microorganism levels or remove all bacteria, viruses, and other germs. If you want to know more about where, how, and when contact us at info@purefize.com.

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