PureFize Food Lab

Advancing food safety with broad-spectrum UV technology

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Pioneering food safety and quality research

Welcome to the PureFize Food Lab, where innovative technology meets food safety, quality, and preservation. Led by Dr. Fernando Mendoza, our lab is dedicated to studying the effects of PureFize UV technology on various food items and optimizing the UV dosage. We are also determining the optimal combination of UV irradiation and storage temperatures.

Advanced testing facilities

Our lab has various instruments to measure the influence of PureFize broad spectrum UV dose and storage temperature on the physicochemical characteristics, microbiological quality, and sensory acceptance of different food products. Key features include:

  • Advanced sensors: Imaging sensors for detailed analysis of food appearance and sensors for measuring acidity, sweetness, and texture.
  • Specialized equipment: Microbiological testing equipment, refrigerators, and chemical testing devices to analyze the impact of PureFize UV light on various food items.
  • State-of-the-art methodology: Developed by Dr. Mendoza, our methodology incorporates multiple inputs to optimize PureFize applications to maximize food safety, quality, and preservation.

Our lab in action

Watch Dr. Fernando Mendoza as he gives an overview of PureFize's innovative methodology and testing procedures, which drive our groundbreaking research.

Dr. Fernando Mendoza


  • Master of Science in Food Science and Technology, University of Santiago de Chile (specializing in food microbiology)
  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Bioprocessing, Catholic University of Chile


  • Innovative techniques for evaluating food color and surface appearance
  • Non-destructive sensing methods
  • Developing food quality assessment protocols

Unique testing approach

What sets the PureFize Food Lab apart is our methodology and access to innovative UV technology for comprehensive food testing. This allows us to conduct real-world assessments of food safety and quality technologies.

Initial focus on berries

Our recent focus has been on strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. These fruits present a unique challenge due to their uneven shapes and textures, making optimal UV irradiation difficult. Additionally, they are hard to preserve and keep fresh from a consumer perspective. Despite these challenges, our lab has demonstrated impressive results, showing significant improvements in decontamination, appearance, texture, and mold resistance, all without affecting taste and quality.

Comparison of raspberries treated with EcoLoc vs. non-treated raspberries. Both samples were handled identically and stored under the same temperature conditions (+4°C in a refrigerator).

A diluted sample of mushed raspberries from each group was then dispersed onto sabouraud dextrose agar (SAD) plates with chloramphenicol (in duplicate per serial dilution) to determine the total count of yeasts and moulds after 72 h of incubation at 25° C.

A strong correlation can be observed between the organoleptic quality decay (on day 7) and the average mould count for the same samples.

For more information about our test methods and results, please contact us at info@purefize.com.

Experience the future of food safety with PureFize

Join us as we push the boundaries of food safety, quality and preservation with PureFize broad-spectrum UV technology. Our research is paving the way for safer, longer-lasting food products, ensuring a healthier future for all. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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