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RISE study affirms the effectiveness of EcoLoc™ and PureFize® in food preservation technology

In an era where food preservation is more critical than ever, the Swedish company EcoLoc™ is leading the charge with an innovative food-saving solution featuring PureFize® UV technology. A recent study by the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) confirms the effectiveness of EcoLoc in significantly prolonging the freshness of food items.

EcoLoc's innovative approach uses PureFize’s UV light to treat food, targeting one of the most persistent problems in food storage: mold growth. The RISE study highlights this technology's impressive capability to delay mold on food by up to five days. In a controlled environment, agar substrates inoculated with mold and stored at 8°C demonstrated this delay, showcasing the potential for real-world applications.

Johan Tingsborg of PureFize Technologies remarks on this achievement, "The RISE study not only validates EcoLoc's and thereby PureFize’s impact in combating mold, a notoriously resilient microorganism but also emphasizes the broader effectiveness of PureFize technology against other microorganisms like bacteria and viruses."