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Newsletter September 2023

The company EcoLoc AB launches a food-saving solution with PureFize® inside

Food loss and waste undermine the sustainability of our food systems. While many producers have directed their efforts towards sustainable packaging to reduce food waste, less has been done to provide customers with improved solutions for food storage.

We are therefore happy to announce that the Swedish company EcoLoc AB now offers a food-saving solution equipped with PureFize functionality. This advancement holds the potential to diminish food spoilage significantly. EcoLoc’s emphasis on commonly wasted foods like vegetables, fruits, bread, and leftovers adds to its significance. The EcoLoc food-saving solution is intended for IKEA's popular line of food containers, the IKEA 365+. The product was officially launched on September 29, coinciding with the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, and pre-orders are already underway.

Read all about the EcoLoc food-saving solution

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The demand for initiatives that combat food loss and waste is substantial. Our broadband UV platform presents a potent tool to craft innovative products that educate people on smarter food management.

If you want to join the movement to reduce food waste and have a concept for a product that could incorporate PureFize functionality to minimize waste in homes, food production sites, or the restaurant sector, we invite you to connect with us. PureFize has undergone rigorous testing, is user-friendly, and doesn't require substantial investment or risk. It's an excellent way to initiate change, offering both convenience and tangible outcomes at an affordable price accessible to everyone. Contact us at info@purefize.com and let's turn your idea into a reality.