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PureFize Technologies enhances its team with Fernando Mendoza, a highly experienced food technology specialist

Continuing the journey towards innovation in UV technology, PureFize Technologies proudly announces the appointment of Fernando Mendoza, a distinguished expert in food technology. Bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in food safety and quality, Fernando is poised to be a pivotal figure in the ongoing development of the company's cutting-edge PureFize UV technology.

Fernando, a Master of Science in Food Science and Technology graduate from the University of Santiago de Chile specializing in food microbiology, further augmented his expertise with a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and bioprocessing at the Catholic University of Chile. His doctoral work, focused on innovative techniques for quantitatively evaluating food products' color and surface appearance, underscores his commitment to pioneering approaches in food technology.

In his new role as Senior Food Technology Expert within the Product Management department at PureFize Technologies, Fernando's primary objective is to implement groundbreaking methods for assessing food freshness and quantifying the benefits of irradiating food with UV light. His expertise in non-destructive sensing methods and developing standard internal food quality assessment protocols are expected to bring significant advancements in linking food's physicochemical, safety, and sensory attributes.

Before joining PureFize Technologies, Fernando worked at Electrolux, leading the Advanced Development Food Preservation laboratory.

Fernando's first project at PureFize Technologies involves establishing a new laboratory to analyze the impact of PureFize UV light on various food items. He is currently equipping the lab with essential tools, including refrigerators and sensors, some designed for imaging food and others for measuring acidity, sweetness, and texture.

"I'm incredibly excited to begin testing with the PureFize technology," Fernando shares. "My passion has always been in ensuring food quality, and this opportunity to explore and implement innovative UV technology in food safety is a thrilling new chapter in my career."

Fredrik Forssell, Chief Marketing Officer at PureFize Technologies, welcomes Fernando to the team.

"Having Fernando on board is a great asset for us," Forssell remarks. "His expertise and forward-thinking approach in food technology are key to evolving our PureFize UV technology."

Fernando Mendoza