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Fernando Mendoza showcased PureFize UV technology at MACFRUT 2024

At this year's MACFRUT, the leading trade fair for fruit and vegetable professionals, Fernando Mendoza presented his early findings on keeping strawberries fresh using the PureFize UV technology featured in the EcoLoc device. The conference was held from 8 to 10 May in Rimini, Italy.

During the event, Fernando explained how just three minutes of UV light exposure can help maintain the visual quality and firmness of strawberries stored in different types of containers—both airtight and with vented lids. His initial results suggest a decrease in mould growth and preservation of the fruit's natural taste, with a noticeable improvement in appearance under optimal refrigeration conditions.

This overview of Fernando’s research at MACFRUT offers a glimpse into how UV technology might be used to extend the shelf life of sensitive produce such as strawberries. As Fernando continues his studies, further details will be shared, offering a more comprehensive look at how this technology could be applied in everyday settings to keep produce fresh.