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PureFize Technologies supports initiatives on UN's International Food Waste Day

On the UN's International Food Waste Day, a significant step has been taken towards reducing food waste in Sweden. The Swedish Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket) and the Financial Supervisory Authority (FI) have launched a new website named 'svinnrik' to encourage Swedes to minimize food waste. The name 'svinnrik' cleverly intertwines the Swedish word for waste ('svinn') with the implication of wealth, urging the notion of getting rich by minimizing waste.

This launch synchronizes with another noteworthy initiative - introducing a food-saving solution by EcoLoc, a Swedish company powered by PureFize technology. This spotlight on reducing household food waste resonates with the vision of PureFize Technologies, underscoring a collective movement towards waste reduction and climate responsibility.

The reality of food waste is staggering. An average Swede is estimated to dispose of or flush away 35 kilos of food annually. This translates to over 350 cluster tomatoes, around 700 small eggs, about 100 liters of oatmeal, or just over 230 slices of entrecote. The financial dent is considerable for a family of four, amounting to between 3,000 and 6,000 kronor per year, as per the Financial Supervisory Authority (FI).

The newly launched site, svinnrik.se, serves as a platform to underline the interconnection between food waste, personal finances, and climate impact. On a global spectrum, food waste is purported to contribute to eight to ten percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions, a statistic that calls for immediate action.

At PureFize Technologies, we welcome this initiative and hope that collaborative efforts can steer us towards a sustainable path of reduced food waste. The alignment of technological innovation, as seen with the EcoLoc food-saving solution, and educational initiatives like 'svinnrik' heralds a promising outlook towards tackling food waste and climate change hand in hand.

Today, as we mark the UN's International Food Waste Day, we stand in solidarity with such innovative measures and pledge our continual support in mitigating food waste, one initiative at a time.

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