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Newsletter July 2023

Next-gen food saving solution soon to be launched

Did you know that households are responsible for 53% of all the food wasted in the EU – and that 70% of what’s wasted is consumable? It's a staggering amount, totaling millions of tons of precious resources lost every year. Reducing food waste has become a crucial objective on a global scale, as recognized by the United Nations. But here's the thing: food waste isn't just a distant concern; it's personal, and it hits us where it hurts – the wallet.

This is a challenge that matches PureFize® capabilities perfectly. By harnessing the power of broadband UV light, PureFize® functionality can keep your food fresh for longer.

Soon it’s time to wave goodbye to spoiled food and say hello to substantial savings. Keep your eyes open!

Ultrapure water development projects with world-leading companies

Ultrapure water (UPW) is defined as water that has been purified to uncommonly stringent specifications to avoid all contaminant types. In a number of laboratory tests, PureFize® has proven ideal for high-level disinfection in sensitive environments like healthcare.

During the most recent tests in water at the ALS Laboratories in the UK, PureFize delivered outstanding results. For Legionella, PureFize achieved at least an 8-log reduction within 60 seconds. For Pseudomonas, it achieved at least a 7-log reduction within the same time. For E. coli, which was tested for comparison, it achieved at least a 7-log reduction within 120 seconds. Read more about the tests at our website.

PureFize is now involved a number of development projects with leading companies in the medtech field. We’ll keep you posted.

Liquinex WaterWall out in the field

PureFize is already used for water purification as an integrated part of the Liquinex WaterWall, a compact and effective residential solution from the Singapore water company Liquinex. Liquinex WaterWall combines patented membrane filtration technology and PureFize UV light sources to provide clean tap water to residential areas, restaurants or medical facilities.

Liquinex WaterWall has been launched in Jakarta and systems are steadily being installed in different areas by installation partners. Here is a short film from one of the latest installations, in which the restaurant owner tries a first drink of the cleaned tap water on site.

Have a great summer!

2023 has been hectic so far, with the PureFize® UV technology taking off beyond expectations. We look forward to an even more hectic autumn, and we wish you all a refreshing summer.