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PureFize temperature resistance confirmed by study published in BMJ Innovations

Temperature plays an important role in the effectiveness of a UV technology. Some technologies are very sensitive to changes in temperature and lose effectiveness if the temperature is outside the range set for the UV solution. PureFize® operates fully, with consistent irradiation output, in a wide temperature range (-20°C to 120°C) – a fact that has been confirmed in a comparative study performed at University of Siena in Italy in 2019, but only recently published in BMJ Innovations.

“The UV chip exhibits unique properties that make it applicable in some specific contexts, where UV-C LEDs present the most critical issues”, the research team writes. “The low dependence on ambient temperature is attractive because the device can be used in most applications without regard to this factor.”

The experiments were conducted using PureFize prototypes between June and July 2019. The PureFize technology has since then been further developed and is today in production, presenting a highly attractive alternative for UV disinfection and hygiene improvement.