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Newsletter September 2022

PureFize® and Liquinex WaterWall bring clean water to every tap

Access to safe drinking water is vital for human life. Yet, in many other parts of the world, we are still battling unsafe levels of contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, or arsenic – a vast problem impairing the quality of life and causing severe health issues.

We can now turn the tables thanks to a bright idea from Liquinex, a Singapore water company. Combining patented membrane filtration technology and PureFize® UV light sources, Liquinex has created the WaterWall – a compact, affordable, and effective solution to provide clean water to every tap in residential buildings, food and hospitality areas, or medical facilities.

How Liquinex WaterWall works

Discover how contaminated water can be turned into perfectly clean and safe drinking water in minutes! Bashir Ahman, CEO of Liquinex, uncovers the magic inside.

Great interest for Liquinex WaterWall in Asia

Liquinex WaterWall is currently being introduced in Indonesia and the Philippines, raising great interest in the entire South-East Asian region. Liquinex has already received several orders for this unique water purification system.

For the latest news about Liquinex WaterWall, follow Liquinex on Instagram.

Liquinex mission – solving water challenges in AsiaPacific

Liquinex, the company behind WaterWall, was founded in 2015 and is today an integrated turn-key EPC and O&M technology solutions provider. Besides WaterWall, Liquinex offers a Compact Water Purification System (CWPS) – a suitcase-sized portable water treatment unit.

Read an interview with Bashir Ahmad, co-founder and CEO of Liquinex, published in Water & Wastewater Asia