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Newsletter December 2022

Our customers are the key to innovation

How do you turn an idea into a real-life product? Meet Simon Trbojevic, Product Manager Hygiene & Disinfection Solutions at LightLab Sweden, who believes that the key to innovation is listening to customers and keeping an open mind.

“We have a wide range of services within design and development to help our customers. Services that enable us to evaluate new ideas effectively and considerably shorten product development times”, says Simon Trbojevic.

“Usually, we start with producing a concept proposal to show how different possible integrations of PureFize might be done. The next step involves Disinfection Design Simulation (DDS). This unique service helps us determine how much irradiation is necessary to get the desired germicidal effect, how many light sources are needed, and their optimal placement. Once the DDS has helped define the optimal solution, we can build a prototype for performance and market testing.”

Towards an exciting 2023

In 2022, we have seen tremendous interest in PureFize. One of the exciting news was the launch of Liquinex WaterWall. There’s a lot in the pipeline for 2023, so keep an eye on our website. As a subscriber to our newsletter, you will naturally get all the news first.

We hope you will enjoy some rest over the holiday, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!