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LightLab signs breakthrough deal

LightLab signs breakthrough deal with leading water purification company to ensure higher availability of safe tap water for everyone

LightLab signs deal with Singapore water treatment specialist company, Liquinex. LightLab’s broadband UV technology PureFize will be integrated into a new water purification system called Liquinex WaterWall, for residential use. The innovative water purification system turns contaminated unsafe piped water into high quality safe tap water. The first market is Jakarta, Indonesia, that suffers from poor tap water. The WaterWall will supply people with safe, high quality tap water, cost-effectively and conveniently, and at the same time drastically reduce the use of plastic bottles.

Many countries today do not have safe tap water. In Asia, many countries have tap water that contains unsafe levels of contaminants such as heavy metals, bacteria, and viruses. Consequently, people access safe water by buying bottled water.  In Jakarta, being the first market, 75%1 of all households drink bottled water. Simultaneously Jakarta is facing a plastic waste emergency partly due to the large consumption of bottled water. In addition, the distribution of reused 3 or 5-gallon plastic bottles doesn’t provide as safe and healthy water supply and contamination is imminent.

The issue of safe tap water is not isolated to Asia or developing countries. In fact, also the developed world sees a growing challenge with poorly maintained and aging water infrastructure. Furthermore, an increasing number of floods caused by climate change consistently put water sources to a challenge. For example, in LightLab’s home market, Sweden, the organization Swedish Water estimates that Sweden must invest around 460 billion over the next 20 years to upgrade its water infrastructure.

  • "We are very happy to team up with Liquinex. Access to clean tap water is a growing problem and key in any urban infrastructure. Unsafe tap water is a huge concern around the world and bacteria does not only affect people’s health and way of living, but the lack of safe water also has devastating effects on education and the economy in a country. With this partnership we will bring a new convenient and viable solution to this problem giving more people access to clean water and contributing to reducing plastic consumption.” says Rune Torbjörnsen, CEO of LightLab.

Liquinex WaterWall is a miniature water plant for home or commercial use that ensures safe tap water in people’s homes. LightLab’s PureFize® technology will be integrated into the product to remove bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and secure a high-quality water supply. The WaterWall project will start in Jakarta during Q1 2022.

  • "With PureFize we are providing high-quality water to every tap of the home in a cost-effective manner and as a result improving the living standard for a lot of people.” says Bashir Ahmad, CEO of Liquinex.

Liquinex is an innovative water, wastewater treatment and recycling specialist. Since 2015, Liquinex has provided solutions to rural communities, municipal and industrial companies to help them meet hydration, hygiene and sanitation needs.

1. Indonesian Central Bureau statistics

For more information, please contact:
Rune Torbjörnsen, CEO, LightLab Sweden AB
Phone: +46 72 003 85 30
E-mail: rune.torbjornsen@lightlab.se

About LightLab Sweden:
LightLab Sweden is a clean tech company that develops and manufactures a sustainable proprietary UVC light source system, PureFize, that can be used to sanitize surfaces, food, air and liquids. Our mission is to integrate disinfection into everyday life enabling more people access to better health and a better environment. LightLab Sweden is based in Uppsala, Sweden, and collaborates with global partners and leading universities globally to bring smart UVC into applications for industry and consumers.