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Newsletter October 2021

Back to the office!

As more and more countries reopen, and people return to their offices it becomes obvious that we need to secure safe workspaces. Not only to prevent another Covid wave but also to avoid general spread of infections. In that way we can both improve public health and reduce the costs that employee absenteeism causes for businesses and the government. In this newsletter we have therefore focused on the office of the future.

Meet our CTO Jonas Tirén

LightLab’s CTO Jonas Tirén gives an update on the latest tests conducted with PureFize. The results show even better performance in terms of temperature independence and at the same time validate the new updated driver platform. This means it is now even easier to customize the PureFize platform for individual clients and needs.

Infection biologist Johanna Lindahl shares her thoughts on the capabilities of UVC light

We had the pleasure to speak with Johanna Lindahl, a board member of LightLab, who also is an infection biologist and veterinary epidemiologist at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. We discussed the government’s removal of Covid restrictions and how the UVC technology can contribute to making offices safe in the future.

What a real estate company thinks about people going back to work

Pehr Westman, project manager at the real estate firm Atrium Ljungberg, talks about how the pandemic has changed the way we think about going to work when having a cold and the possible cost for the companies to go back to business “as normal”. He also touches upon what the future offices will look like and the role of technology in ensuring a safe office.

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