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Newsletter March 2021

How to choose the best UVC disinfection method

There are several ways to create UVC light. Established light sources include mercury-vapor lamps and UVC LEDs. More recently, the lower wavelengths of UV light, called far UVC, have gained attention. PureFize® by LightLab is something entirely different. It builds on the principle of field emission in a nanostructure and offers a number of unique benefits.

Don’t slice bread with a hammer

All UVC light technologies have their pros and cons. What is important to remember that effective disinfection is about more than adding some UVC light. There are many things to consider when deciding which UV technology is the best for your particular purpose. You need to know what type of microorganisms you want to eradicate and to what extent you want to eradicate them. You also need to know in what kind of environment the disinfection should be applied, on what kind of products, materials or surfaces and how much time is available. At LightLab, we can help you determine what solution that best fits your application and how to optimize it for best output.

Apart from being a sustainable UV technology, here are four reasons to choose PureFize

You want to effectively inactivate several types of germs

The wavelength spectrum generated by PureFize combines surgical precision with an exceptional width. It peaks at 262 nm, which is when germs best absorb UVC light. This unique combination allows for effective inactivation of more or less all types of bacteria, viruses and molds. As a result, PureFize is also capable of reaching exceptional levels of disinfection, beyond 99.999999 % (+log8).

You want to eliminate all germs once and for all

Germs are able to repair themselves and start multiplying again after being irradiated by most UVC lighting technologies. The solution up until now has been to provide constant irradiation to ensure permanent cell inactivation. PureFize is proven to break down germicidal DNA and RNA beyond repair thus preventing any germ regrowth.

You want to irradiate as much area and volume as possible

A high area and volume coverage mean that you need fewer light sources to achieve the desired germicidal effect. With an angular distribution of 100° and a diameter of 13 mm, PureFize UVC chips create a large UV emitting area making it possible to cover a big surface. PureFize also maintains a high UV irradiance (mW/cm²) at longer distances from the light source compared to other light sources with same output power. This means a very high germicidal effect per mW UVC light.

You want to ensure full function in both high and low temperatures

Most UVC technologies are only able to function at full effect in a relatively narrow temperature range. If the temperature varies or increases during a process, the light sources lose effectiveness or become overheated. PureFize always maintains full functionality, with consistent irradiation output regardless of temperature. In addition, PureFize also channels its generated heat in a way that has minimal effect on the surrounding environment. This makes PureFize highly suitable for applications where temperatures vary or integration in small, confined spaces that otherwise will easily overheat.


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