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LightLab introduces new UV chip products

Based on LightLab Sweden’s EEE Light® technology – a field emission UV-C technology using unique nanotechnology – the UV chips offers significant advantages with high performance and attractive cost, making them uniquely suited for consumer near applications.

The UV chips from LightLab Sweden are designed for easy integration into products featuring disinfection functionality and have a proven high germicidal effectiveness, utilizing its broad UV-C spectrum with a peak at 267 nm.

The low power dissipation and the optimized power density allows both integration and operation in our customers products, without the need for any additional thermal management solutions.

“Our new UV chip products enable our customers to add efficient, environmentally safe and easy to integrate UV disinfection functionality into their products, at lower cost and faster time-to-market,” says Johan Tingsborg, CEO of LightLab Sweden.

Verified UV chips, development boards and reference designs are available to customers by end of April. 

An electronic driver is available for different power classes and can be supplied to support from one (1) up to six (6) UV chips in parallel. Initially two power classes will be available, 250 mW input power and 500 mW input power.

LightLab Sweden introduces new UV chip products for sustainable and efficient disinfection of food, surfaces, air and drinking water (PDF)