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Press release

LightLab releases EEE Light UV disinfection reference products

  • EEE Light® for UV disinfection being offered to more customers
  • Reference products to be released during the fall of 2016

LightLab’s EEE Light® technology for UV disinfection will now be offered to more customers. In conjunction with this, LightLab releases a number of tools for efficient evaluation of the technology.

LightLab’s strategy for the EEE Light® market introduction is based on cooperation with established industry partners and on technology licensing. This has until now been done in close and exclusive cooperation with a few partners.

Now the technology will be offered to more providers of equipment, which includes UV disinfection functionality. LightLab has therefore during 2016 developed reference products, with the purpose to be used in the continued commercialization of this unique and innovative technology for applications in UV disinfection of water, air, food and surfaces.

The first reference products, including light sources, drive unit electronics and relevant product documentation, are being released now during the fall of 2016. The purpose is that providers of UV disinfection equipment in an efficient way should be able to evaluate the technology for their applications.

Further information on these reference products will be available at LightLab’s website shortly.  

LightLab Sweden releases EEE Light® UV disinfection reference products (PDF)