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An Emerging Innovative UV Disinfection Technology (Part II): Virucide Activity on SARS-CoV-2

by Gabriele Messina 1,*,Alessandro Della Camera 2,Pietro Ferraro 1OrcID,Davide Amodeo 1,Alessio Corazza 3OrcID,Nicola Nante 1OrcID andGabriele Cevenini 4

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has become a global health burden. Surface sanitation is one of the key points to reduce the risk of transmission both in healthcare and other public spaces. UVC light is already used in hospital and laboratory infection control, and some recent studies have shown its effectiveness on SARS-CoV-2. An innovative UV chip technology, described in Part I of this study, has recently appeared able to overcome the limits of old lamps and is proposed as a valid alternative to LEDs. This study was designed to test the virucidal activity on SARS-CoV-2 of a device based on the new UV chip technology. Via an initial concentration of virus suspension of 107.2 TCID50/mL, the tests revealed a viral charge reduction of more than 99.9% after 3 min; the maximum detectable attenuation value of Log10 = 5.7 was measured at 10 min of UV exposure.

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Analysis of the physical and microbiocidal characteristics of an emerging and innovative UV disinfection technology

by Gabriele Messina, Davide Amodeo, Alessio Corazza, Nicola Nante, Gabriele Cevenini

About the study
The study is a comparison between the PureFize UV chip and a classical LED, commonly used for disinfection purposes, and highlights the benefits and disadvantages of using PureFize broadband UV technology.

The research team proved that the PureFize UV chip exhibits unique properties that make it applicable in some specific contexts, where UV-C LEDs present the most critical issues. PureFize is virtually unaffected by changes in ambient temperature and is particularly useful in short-distance applications. Moreover, it is portable and exhibits a broad spectrum of UV wavelengths with a peak where the maximum microbiocidal efficacy occurs.

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