Data and test results

Germicidal UV technology has already a proven track record. With PureFize®, we make it possible for a more widespread adoption of broadband UV technology for hygiene issues. Our technology has been proven highly effective in bacteria tests, destroying all microbes in just a few minutes. 

Great results from bacteria tests

Bacteria tests conducted by Eurofins Laboratories in Sweden have shown that LightLab’s PureFize broadband UV technology is very effective in combating germs. 

In a bacteria test conducted at Eurofins Laboratories, E. coli (Eco 35 ATCC 8739) inoculated on TSA plates were effectively killed by illumination using the LightLab UV chips in a UV box designed for disinfection. The test showed 99.9% (log3) reduction of E. coli in 80 seconds and 99.9999% (log6) reduction in about four minutes.

Download test results

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