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The growing interest in innovative food preservation methods mirrors a significant shift in consumer demands and lifestyles. An array of food preservation containers engineered to prolong shelf-life and maintain food freshness is now emerging in the market. Soon, several food container producers will introduce containers with lids featuring PureFize® functionality, unveiling a promising opportunity for your brand to broaden your product range by incorporating PureFize functionality into your appliances.

PureFize is already a part of a smart food-saving solution created by the Swedish company EcoLoc. EcoLoc has combined a device with PureFize functionality and lids specially made to fit IKEA’s 365+ food containers.

Keeping food fresh longer

PureFize® offers a dependable method to extend the freshness of perishable items. Using its wide-ranging UV spectrum, it effectively halts the growth of germs, molds, and spores, ensuring the longevity of diverse food products.

Modular technology ready for easy integration

Licensing PureFize functionality from PureFize Technologies provides a smooth entry into this burgeoning market, setting the stage for a swift return on investment. The PureFize platform is designed for effortless integration of PureFize modular technology into your range of appliances. You can market standalone devices with PureFize functionality or offer a comprehensive package. We provide robust support throughout the integration journey, ensuring a smooth transition and a successful market introduction.

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