Enhance your food containers with PureFize® functionality

Achieve next-level freshness and stand out in the market

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There is a tremendous global concern over food wastage, and as a leader in food container production, you're uniquely positioned to drive change. The demand for household food containers is rising, yet with market growth comes intensified competition. Maintaining or even enhancing market share in this dynamic environment demands strategic innovation. Enter PureFize® functionality, the novel enhancement your food containers need.

This innovative platform offers a competitive edge, providing a supreme value proposition to your product line. PureFize functionality ensures that vegetables, fruits, baked goods, and leftovers retain their freshness for a prolonged period. This is not just about differentiation; it's about aligning with consumer values, championing sustainability, and advocating for reduced food wastage.

Seamless integration for optimal freshness

Incorporating PureFize is straightforward. Whether you integrate the specially crafted PureFize insert into your existing container lids or embed the functionality from inception, you're poised for success. Tailored to fit containers ranging from 1 to 4 liters, this addition elevates the freshness quotient and standardizes your range with the PureFize functionality standard.

Moreover, offering PureFize compatibility can catalyze new sales opportunities and bolster your aftermarket. The possibility of selling the compatibility as a separate accessory for your existing products ensures you tap into diverse revenue streams.

Elevate your offering and champion sustainability

By equipping your containers with PureFize, you're offering more than just a storage solution; you're giving consumers a chance to be eco-conscious and economically savvy. Your containers become the go-to choice for the environmentally aware and budget-conscious.

PureFize is already a part of a smart food-saving solution created by the Swedish company EcoLoc. EcoLoc has combined a device with PureFize functionality and lids specially made to fit IKEA’s 365+ food containers.

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