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PureFize® – Verified by science

Germicidal UV technology has already a proven track record. With PureFize®, we make it possible for a more widespread adoption of UV disinfection. Our technology has been proven highly effective in bacteria tests, destroying all microbes in just a few minutes.

Great results from bacteria tests

Bacteria tests conducted by Eurofins Laboratories in Sweden have shown that LightLab’s PureFize UV disinfection technology is very effective in combating germs.

In a bacteria test conducted at Eurofins Laboratories, E. coli (Eco 35 ATCC 8739) inoculated on TSA plates were effectively killed by illumination using the LightLab UV chips in a UV box designed for disinfection. The test showed 99.9% (log3) reduction of E. coli in 80 seconds and 99.9999% (log6) reduction in about four minutes.

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Collaboration with research universities

Collaboration with research universities

LightLab Sweden has an ongoing research collaboration with Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU Singapore) since 2014.

We also collaborate with University of Siena in Italy and Uppsala University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden.

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Purefize partner projects

LightLab Sweden cooperates already with several manufacturers and numerous partner projects are currently under development.

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