If you are interested in integrating PureFize® into your product, we can help you perform all the simulations of radiation distribution necessary to assess the number of light sources needed and their optimal placement. We do this in through a well-established service called LightLab DDS (Disinfection Design Simulation). With DDS, we help you to achieve efficient and uniform microbial inactivation.

Simulating the performance of your UV system:

  • How much irradiance is needed for the desired germicidal effect?
  • How many UV chip light sources are needed?
  • What is their optimal placement?

What levels and how fast can disinfection be reached? LightLab DDS considerably shortens product development times as the design can be modified immediately in the 3D CAD system and time-consuming test set-ups in the laboratory are reduced to a minimum.

If you want more information about PureFize and how to integrate this technology into your products, contact us today.