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LightLab and SAES Getters sign cooperation agreement

  • LightLab has signed a cooperation agreement with Italian SAES Getters S.p.A., a global leader in the field of advanced functional materials
  • The purpose of the agreement is to, in a first step, examine the possibilities for a long-term closer cooperation between the companies
  • The agreement means, among other things, that the parties will, until August 31, 2019, evaluate the future potential of LightLab's products for UV disinfection

LightLab has signed a development and cooperation agreement with SAES Getters S.p.A. (SAES). SAES is currently the supplier of a key component in LightLab's products for UV disinfection and the companies have an established relationship since several years.

SAES, headquartered in Lainate, Italy, is a global leader in the field of advanced functional materials. The company is listed on the stock exchange in Italy, Borsa Italiana, within the so-called STAR segment.

According to the agreement, which runs until August 31, 2019, the Companies shall within the framework of the agreement cooperate technically around LightLab's UV chip technology. In parallel, the companies will also collaborate on evaluating market opportunities and business potential for existing and new products based on LightLab's technology. Following this, the Companies will decide on a potentially closer long-term cooperation between the parties.

"In a collaboration with SAES, LightLab sees interesting opportunities for synergy effects both in the technology field and on the market. We are therefore happy to, based on the existing and already well-functioning cooperation, now broaden our dialogue with SAES," says Johan Tingsborg, CEO of LightLab Sweden.

LightLab Sweden and SAES Getters sign cooperation agreement (PDF)