PureFize broadband UV technology is developed by LightLab, a Swedish cleantech company with a strong belief in sustainable technological innovation combined with extensive microbiological knowledge to open new business opportunities. 

When you choose PureFize, you don’t only select a UV light source. Instead, you get a total solution for your hygiene challenges – with support from design to delivery of a complete platform. 

With our Disinfection Design Simulation (DDS) service, we can simulate radiation distribution to assess the number of light sources needed and their optimal placement. LightLab DDS considerably shortens product development times as the design can be modified immediately in the 3D CAD system, and time-consuming test set-ups in the laboratory are reduced to a minimum.

PureFize is a complete platform that consists of UVC chips, driver and accessories along with the Disinfection Design Simulation (DDS) service mentioned above. The PureFize component kit comes with the light source and driver facilitating integration. No additional components are needed; just plug and play.

With PureFize, there is a drastic reduction in the need, cost and space for thermal management. This means you can easily integrate PureFize into your design without having to worry about heat generation. PureFize also has an instant on/off effect, which makes it suitable for applications that require frequent or instant disinfection.