PureFize ® – a complete disinfection platform

PureFize® is the world’s first complete and scalable disinfection platform. It can easily be adapted for different needs, and it can be integrated from the start or retrofitted. Being a broad-spectrum UV light, PureFize offers unique benefits compared to other UV technologies that already exist on the market.

The PureFize platform consists of UVC chips, driver and accessories and the Disinfection Design Simulation (DDS) service developed and provided by LightLab. The PureFize component kit comes with the light source and driver facilitating integration. No additional components are needed, just plug and play.

PureFize is:

  • Adaptable to different energy sources: solar-driven, battery-driven, 12-24 V or fixed power supply (110-240 V AC)
  • Fully scalable: From one to any chosen number of light sources depending on application

Unique technology with unique benefits

PureFize provides a number of important benefits that make it an unmatched alternative to other UVC light technologies:

A number of options for licensing our technology platform are available and in addition, you have full access to our comprehensive technical competence.

Product Brief: PureFize UVC light sources - D000264 revG

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