Thanks to its wide spectrum, PureFize effectively eradicates growth of germs, molds and spores. Being non-toxic and residue-free PureFize can be used to treat fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables or bread, before packaging to ensure freshness while preserving nutrients and taste. PureFize can also keep products fresh longer in refrigerators and storage cabinets.

Just as an example, we recently tested PureFize on hot dog buns. One sample was exposed to PureFize for five minutes on both sides before it was place in a plastic bag that had been sanitized with ethanol. The other bun was placed directly into a bag sanitized in the same way. The buns were left in the bags for 30 days. You can see the distinct difference in terms of bacterial growth and mold in the images below.

Do note that we wouldn’t recommend eating the bread treated with PureFize because after 30 days it was just too dry. But imagine being able to prolong the life span of bread for a few days more? This means both reduced food waste and money savings.

Treating food in the production environment may involve high temperatures caused by ovens, etc. Consider this in summertime or in some of the hottest countries in the world. Alternative UV technologies struggle at temperatures beyond 50 degrees C, which causes them to lose intensity (effectiveness) or even stop functioning.

Not so with PureFize. It is suitable for applications at any given temperature. Hot, cold, or anything in between, PureFize gets the job done without breaking a sweat. This also means that no consideration for cooling or heat management is needed when designing the integration of PureFize.