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Today it is more important than ever to provide a safe environment and a hygienic workplace for both staff and visitors. By maintaining a high level of hygiene, you increase productivity and well-being while reducing sick-leave and hygiene worries.

How does disease spread in an office?

We know viruses (e.g. COVID-19) spread from person to person through small droplets expelled by coughing, sneezing, or speaking. Viruses can survive on surfaces for a period from a few hours to several days. They spread when we touch infected surfaces and can be transmitted if we then touch our noses, eyes, or mouths. This means that we need to focus not only on people themselves but also on the surfaces we use frequently at work.

Germ hot spots in the office

The workplace environment has many touchpoints which can be a source of contamination. Desks, keyboards, mouses, and pens are real germ havens. Shared spaces such as conference rooms, diners, or kitchens also attract germs. Many of the items found there are touched and used by many employees, making them high risk for spreading bacteria and viruses.

The average desk harbors more than 10 million bacteria, which is about 400 more than the average toilet seat.

About 7,500 organisms hide in your keyboard.

About 80 % of common infections are transmitted by touch. Our hands are a real germ motorway. That is why frequent washing is so important.

Communal coffee mugs may not be the best to use in the office. One study found that even when they’re washed and dried, about 90% had significant germs, including some with fecal matter.

You might want to think twice about letting a co-worker use your pen. On average, surface germs lurk for up to 72 hours.

Conference room armrests, doorknobs and light switches are touched by many hands and cleaned occasionally at best.

When you sneeze, the germ-infested droplets can travel as far as 8 meters.

Studies suggest that you may be touching your face around 23 times per hour. Your eyes and mouth are areas where viruses can easily enter your body.

Your mobile phone is a real germ haven and may carry 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Creating the right UVC light

At LightLab, we can help you to create a safe, clean and welcoming workplace. Our PureFize® broadband UV technology is the base for a new-generation UVC light solutions that can be integrated into almost any application. PureFize light sources can be used to clean desks, keyboards and small electronics, lockers, water dispensers, coffee machines, and much more. What is important to remember is that effective cleaning is about more than adding some UVC light sources. 

To find out more about the parameters that affect the result, download our whitepaper or contact us directly.

Is there a link between cleanliness and productivity?

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Some examples of UV hygiene solutions for offices

Here are a few ideas about how PureFize broadband UV technology can be used to reduce germicidal spread in office settings. 


Sound absorbing cubicles - new or retrofit


Keyboard and mouse shelter


Laptop disinfection box

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