Delivering bathroom hygiene

For a place devoted to personal hygiene, our bathrooms are actually perfect hotspots for germs. The obvious solution is more frequent and effective cleaning, but there are other techniques that might help you adopt a new approach to bathroom sanitation.

What’s hidden in your bathroom

No matter how clean you think that your bathroom is, there’s a lot lurking on every surface.

If you don’t shut the toilet lid when you flush, germs and bacteria from the toilet bowl may travel as far as two meters around the room, landing on the floor, the sink and even your toothbrush. Significant quantities of these microbes float around the bathroom for at least two hours after each flush.

UV light – a great tool for a clean, safe bathroom

Ultraviolet light has a long history of use as a disinfectant. The question, however, is how best to harness its power to fight the spread of microorganisms in bathroom environments.

At LightLab, we have spent several years working with UV solutions to improve hygiene, and we can help you to create a safe, and clean bathroom environment.

PureFize® broadband UV technology is ideal for keeping bathrooms squeaking clean. PureFize light sources can be built into bathroom furniture or freestanding boxes for disinfection of items such as toothbrushes or make-up tools. The unique light spectrum provided by PureFize means exceptionally high levels of germicidal reduction can be reached in just a few minutes. All bacteria, viruses and other germs are destroyed beyond repair leaving your bathroom clean longer.

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