UVC light is a well-proven and efficient method of disinfecting surfaces where bacterial and harmful pathogens are a concern. The UVC in sunlight ruptures the DNA or RNA of bacteria, viruses, and other germs, making them unable to reproduce. The effectiveness of disinfection depends on the exposed amount of UV dose.

Often the space given to build in UV light sources is limited or desired to be minimal. PureFize® light sources have a unique ability to perform will full intensity in very small areas without the need of heat sinks or built-in space for cooling. This means that they can be integrated practically anywhere, even in spaces that are too small for conventional UV light sources that generate more heat, making them extraordinary versatile.

PureFize combines an ideally set peak at 262 nm with a broad wavelength spectrum stretching from 250 to 350 nm. This combination creates a very high germicidal effect and levels of disinfection, +99.999999% (+log8).

The PureFize broadband spectrum also destroys germs beyond repair making them incapable to repair and re-emerge. In some critical applications this can make a vital difference, as it helps keeping germ levels at bay over a longer time.

Two areas where high-level disinfection is essential are drinking water and healthcare environments.