Hygiene in a box

No matter how well we clean, our homes and workplaces are full of bacteria, germs, dirt, and all kinds of invisible particles. Microbes thrive on plastic and glass and are thus attracted to our smartphones, tablets, ear buds and other items we use every day.

Easy to integrate into any design

For tech devices and other items that can’t be washed with soap and water, a UV disinfection box may be a great alternative.

PureFize® UV light sources can be easily integrated into disinfection boxes for smaller electronics such as cell phones and remote controls or hygiene items such as combs and toothbrushes. Larger boxes can accommodate items such as laptops, keyboards, and tablets.

Works in a wide temperature range

A huge benefit of PureFize is that it operates fully, with consistent irradiation output, in a wide temperature range – from -20 to +100°C making PureFize unique in its capability to reliably disinfect regardless of high/low or variations in temperature. It also eliminates the need for thermal management. As a result, you can integrate PureFize into practically any design and its disinfection efficiency is not jeopardized in confined spaces that easily overheat.

Watch this short film to see how PureFize works. The box below is only an example of how our technology can be integrated into a product.

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