UVC lamps have been used for many decades to sanitize water, air and surfaces. Objects disinfected with PureFize® are completely safe to use. However, UVC light should be kept away from skin and eyes because it can damage them and any other cells it comes into contact with, which is also how it kills microbes.

The UV range of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum goes from 10 nm to 400 nm. UVC radiation refers to wavelengths shorter than 280 nm. These wavelengths are entirely absorbed by our atmosphere and no natural UVC radiation reaches the earth's surface. Current safety recommendations with UVC light sources include protecting and, most importantly, the eyes from UVC radiation.

The safest type of UVC disinfection device is one that allows you to place items inside a closed space where the light will be used, which shields you from any accidental direct exposure. Any kind of shield, such as ordinary glass, plastic or even a wooden or paper box will stop UVC radiation.

If you have any questions or would like more information about UV technology in general or PureFize® in particular, please contact us.