The PureFize® technology is designed for disinfection. It is important to understand the difference between disinfection and sterilization as these terms are often used incorrectly.

Disinfection and sterilization are both decontamination processes. Sterilization is a process that destroys or eliminates all forms of microbial life and is carried out in medical and health-care facilities. It is usually done through combinations of heat, irradiation, filtration, high pressure, etc. A product that has been sterilized is safe for use in an operating procedure or as an implant.

Disinfection describes a process that eliminates almost all harmful microorganisms. The level of disinfection is described using a standard called logarithmic (log) reduction. When evaluating products for high-level disinfection, their log reduction capability is paramount.

The table below shows log reduction levels with the corresponding germ reduction for the case where the starting point is 1,000,000 microorganisms.


Log reduction

Number of microorganisms remaining

Percentage reduction

Log 0



Log 1



Log 2



Log 4



Log 6



Log 8



PureFize has been shown to provide extremely high germicidal reduction in a short time. Up to log 8 microbial inactivation has been proven, which puts the PureFize technology as close to sterilization as it is possible.

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